All About Moringa

Our Moringa is directly from Lefakong Farms and LFK Global.


Lefakong Farms is located in Bosplaas, North West Province in South Africa.

We have a great passion for health and wellness and have invested time, money and research into the quality assurance and true organic nature of our homegrown Moringa leaves.


These leaves, native to South Africa can be processed into tea, powder, and many other forms of natural health foods. Lefakong Farming was established in 2015, as a family cooperative, planting over 7,500 trees which have been grown organically, without any harmful pesticides and artificial growth hormone.

The more Moringa we drink the more we support local South African farmers and families.



Connecting People to Plants

Our farm has rich, fertile and resilient soil and is strategically positioned in the optimal growing climate for the growth of the best quality Moringa, or Drumstick tree. We harvest our leaves at their optimum growth stage, long before any wilting has begun in order to produce the finest quality of organically grown Moringa yield in the world. We are supported by and affiliated to the ARC, Roodeplaat, Department of Agriculture North West Province and the DAFF National Office.

This Is Us

Go green, go natural….we love to help you!
We are focussed on products that will fit in with the progressive lifestyles of the global community, and are constantly looking at ways to innovate and make consuming our organic Moringa conveniently, while also keeping it as natural healthy as possible.​

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